Blue Coach Coaching Worskhop

Apply for this free Blue Coach Coaching Workshop and find out:

Why is Blue Coach coaching method effective? What are the elements of effective coaching? How do we quantify change?

How do we coach? What is coachable and what is not?

People are different and consistent at the same time. The good thing about this is that it can be measured!

Can people change? Do we really change? How to coach the “the dark side” of personality?

Learn more about the building blocks of coaching: feedback process, core content of feedback, challenges of giving and receiving feedback.

Contrasting approaches to coaching. “Wild west” of coaching.

Blue Coach Coaching

Let’s find out together how you can gain insight about your blind spots. How to use then this strategic self-awareness to create customised action plan and what are the odds that you will be coachable enough to really change!

Let’s talk!

Srdjan Vukcevic
CEO and Executive Coach

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