Values at Blue Coach

1. I honor commitments, play fair and tell truth.

2. Each coach, member of a Blue Coach company has a Character as we see it is a social concept, the way a person treats his environment. As a coach I have a deep sense of connection to life and I always feel I know what I owe to others. To my family, my job ,my coach, my clients and to my community.

3. Dedication and loyalty. I am committed to persevere in what I’m doing until I succeed. This is the highest level of loyalty towards me and towards the community in which I live and work.

4. Courage without unnecessary The skills and knowledge I have, as well as the information I get, does not give me the right to be an arrogant person. I have a deep self-esteem and self-confidence so that nothing affects my courage to do what I think is right without making mistakes.

5. Autonomy without egotism. I am able to make my own right decision and bear responsibility for them. When taking decisions always respect all parties equally. Since I possess a strong character I understand that it must in itself contain the aggressive, courageous and dedicated parts and for that reason I have to be careful that this power of independence does not turn into a tough egoism.

6. Although I know a lot, as a coach I understand that life is not about whether someone is right or not, but more about the idea that every person openly brings out his or her opinions and do something to improve the life of others. Rudeness is the result of not listening to others, disregard for other opinions and the lack of the nice qualities of personality.

7. Compassion and generosity. I am a person who gives. My purpose is giving.

8. Respect and acknowledging others. I am truly grateful person and everyone knows how much I appreciate who and what I have in life.

9. I have initiative, with a strong spirit and poise I tackle problems and challenges and with the most effective techniques that exist in the world today I finishmy tasks and achieve my goals. I finish them with the same state of mind with which I began, with complete mental and physical readiness to face again if necessary the same or new challenges.

10. I do what I say.

11. I always strive to maintain a balance of body, mind, heart and spirit. Only in this way I can be a true ambassador of Blue Coach vision.

12. Open and friendly attitude towards Blue Coach, clients, partners and the whole community is in the heart of every member of Blue Coach team.