Webinar recording: From Mission to Mindset – Microsoft’s Story of Culture Transformation

August 28, 2020
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August 28, 2020 Isidora Matovic

Participants of the webinar “Inspiring Conversations: From Mission to Mindset – Microsoft’s Story of Culture Transformation” had the opportunity to hear and learn more about the HR’s role in establishing a New Way of thinking that will drive business success.

Webinar host Srđan Vukčević talked with special guest Rebecca Winter about the incredible story of Microsoft’s Culture transformation.

Srđan Vukčević, CEO, Executive coach
Rebecca Winter, Global HR Director – Talent Management, Microsoft Consulting Services

These are some of the questions and topics covered by the webinar panelists:

  • How do you know when it’s time for change?
  • What can other companies learn from Microsoft’s transformation?
  • How did employees reacted to changes, were they collaborative or suspicious?
  • How the organization is embedding growth mindset into their people processes?
  • The criticality of Modeling and engaging every level of leader in the organization
  • How do you measure success of culture transformation?

If you missed the opportunity to be one of the participants, we have good news! Below, you can find full webinar recording. If you set aside 60 minutes, you can find out importance and benefits of culture transformation in organization.

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