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Hogan is a global assessment publisher that delivers personality and cognitive ability assessment solutions. Hogan’s international research team sets industry standards for international selection and development testing, and has positioned Hogan as a global leader in assessments

Gain expertise in interpreting the results of Hogan’s personality assessments. Attend this one-day course to develop experience using subscales, interpreting scale combinations, and resolving competing or complex scale combinations. Advanced Interpretation is a workshop for those who already have Hogan Assessment Certification.

Hogan’s Advanced Interpretation workshop is designed for practitioners who want to get Hogan certified and gain deeper interpretive insights from Hogan Assessment data. This course teaches professionals to:

  • Interpret and apply the core Hogan Assessments, plus:
  • Connect Hogan data points across scales and assessments for more robust interpretations
  • Extract maximum value from subscales
  • Learn advanced interpretation techniques around low HDS and low MVPI scores

Skills acquired in this applied workshop will prepare you to analyze Hogan data at a deeper level and extract maximum interpretive value from the three core Hogan personality assessments.


  • AUTUMN 2020
  • Dates:
  • Time:
  • Price includes:
    pre-work, materials, post-work

What’s included?

On-Demand Learning. Access to Hogan’s Learning Management System for interactive pre-work and resources

Expert Facilitators. Work with Hogan subject matter experts with deep technical and practical experience

Certification Materials. Workbooks and other resources are delivered to the training location for convenience

Networking. Our workshops provide an excellent opportunity to learn from others and grow your network

Premium Experience. From the venue to the food and beverage, every detail is designed with your experience in mind

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