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BOOST! Your Leadership Potential – Become an amazing leader as you really are, designed as a beginner level and an extremely interactive opportunity for students to deepen their personal path and develop leadership skills through the prism of individual psychology and personal development. This course is conducted in the context of a dedicated community of colleagues who take risks and learn. Although each student is responsible for their own learning, a number of forums have been prepared to help create community and guide the learning process.

The success of BOOST!, for you, and therefore for the group, depends on your commitment to as much of the process as possible. Although BOOST! is intentionally prepared as a course for early learning in leadership, each participant will enter classes with a different background and an already established set of experiences, skills and challenges. We recommend that you use this database with intention and pay special attention to how you can use it to improve your leadership development.

Even Plato and Socrates considered that know thyself is knowledge that is at the core of human behavior, and more recently Carl Rogers confirms that awareness and self-acceptance are prerequisites for psychological health, personal growth and the ability to meet and accept others. All of the above directs us to self-discovery and self-awareness as a prerequisite for growth, development, leadership and life satisfaction. Self-examination is a preparation for insight, and insight is a prerequisite for growth.

Self-awareness is also a prerequisite for the ability to understand others and our interactions with them. There is ample evidence that managerial effectiveness is closely linked to the ability to recognize, evaluate, and ultimately use key, fundamental differences among others. Self-awareness will help you understand your own assumptions, trigger points, sensitive lines, comfort zone, strengths and weaknesses, and other factors associated with success. Being aware and compassionate towards different perspectives, needs and preferences of other people is a key part of emotional intelligence and mature interpersonal relationships.

Course duration: Eight weeks – 2 hours per week

Methodology: Small group work, process, practical, modeling, personal growth through introspection, feedback groups, work with a trainer, exchange of knowledge and experience

Learning objectives and benefits of BOOST! Your leadership potential:

  • Ability to describe leadership as a separate skill and articulate what you offer as a leader
  • Introduction to basic leadership competencies
  • Conscious integration of basic leadership competencies into your personal practice
  • Acquiring tools for personal integration, the ability to apply them to yourself and offer them to the people you lead
  • Ability to manage oneself and others; demonstrated and supported through weekly exercises, lectures and feedback from colleagues and instructors
  • Clarification and engagement of personal and professional goals of students who go beyond the course
  • Practicing personal tools for thinking and deepening attention, to support BOOST and everyday life
  • Awareness of one’s own mechanisms/schemes/patterns of connecting with oneself and others
  • Knowledge and practical experience of applying basic communication tools for clarity of self-expression while respecting others
  • Strengthening one’s own potentials, motives, supporting beliefs and values that guide behavior
  • Improving a conscious presence in a relationship and being your own while respecting others

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