Influence! The Art of Persuasion

There are many ways to influence others to act on our demands. Most of these ways are the subject of Sales Impact Strategy training. For example, here are some common tactics of influence:

  • Impact based on changing the other party’s incentives to agree (penalties and rewards)
  • Impact based on changing the information available to the other party (e.g. reasoning and fraud).

In addition to these forms of influence, there is a psychological influence based on the idea that if we understand the science behind the way people think, we might be able to make our communication more convincing. That is, we might be more likely to make the other party say yes instead of no simply based on how we formulate and position our demands – without changing the other party’s incentive to say yes and without changing the information we present to them.

Influence! The Art of Persuasion is a special training where you will learn all about the psychology of influence. Participants are given mini case studies, each of which illustrates a specific strategy that negotiators can use to make their ideas, offers and requests more acceptable.

The sessions are designed as an effective method for discussing psychological impact and offer knowledge that can be easily incorporated in sales, negotiation, people and project management and in the personal sphere of communication.


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Influence! The Art of Persuasion

Influence! The Art of Persuasion is a special training where you will learn all about the psychology of influence.

Topics that Influence! The Art of Persuasion cover:

  • Neuroscience and decision making; System 1 and System 2; Emotions, feelings and needs.
  • Privileged moments; identifying times when someone is particularly receptive to communicator messages.
  • The importance of attention and attention management; channeling attention
  • Forms of associations
  • Impact strategies through case studies and group work; the difference between psychological influence and other types of influence
  • Mental models and a network of mental models


  • Psychological advantage over the customer
  • Listening to customer needs with understanding

The training uses the methodology of “learning through work”, which means that participants are actively engaged in case studies, simulations, exercises and roleplay. In addition, participants receive intensive training and feedback.

If you are a company, you can send three people and the fourth place is free.

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