Interpersonal communication

The biggest obstacle in communication with others is our tendency to evaluate and disapprove what the other person says or does. – Srdjan Vukcevic

Relationships are the most important part of a person’s well-being. But there is another aspect of the relationship that is also evident from recent scientific research: The more we connect with others and embrace the reality of our collaborative nature, the more we will live with meaning, compassion, composure, and purpose.

What does Interpersonal communication training offer?

Interpersonal communication training will help you to achieve good communication within yourself through a special relationship with the coach. When this is achieved, the person can communicate more freely and effectively with others. Longtime executive coach, Srdjan Vukcevic, will share with you the tools and insights from his practice and internationally used methodologies of executive coaching, psychology of communication, neuroscience and the science of nervous system regulation.

Interpersonal communication is training on good communication within and between people. Good communication or free communication within or between people is always therapeutic.


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Why online?

Although we are currently distancing ourselves, we want to connect even stronger tomorrow. Coronavirus significantly affects our lives and challenges our ability to adapt, connect with others and resist stress. Respecting Covid-19 virus prevention and protective measures, we offer our best-selling training online. Based on many years of experience, we are free to guarantee that our online training Interpersonal Communication will be a dose of inner peace and support for the healthy relationships you have and will build.

Why Interpersonal communication?

Studies suggest that our experiences shape our neural architecture – and that our social relationships are one of the most important forms of experience that literally creates who we are. And the essence of the connection is communication. Communication is what connects one person with another or one person with more than one. The following benefits are listed by our former Interpersonal Communication participants:

  • Reduced levels of stress associated with interpersonal differences and conflict
  • Ability to use creative behavioral management tools
  • Knowing the many ways to build stronger relationships with people
  • Building trust
  • The ability to hear the sincere concerns and real needs of others

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