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Why do some people succumb to pressure and trouble while others come back stronger than ever?

Challenging situations from small disappointments to terrible traumas are part of everyday life, and disorders such as extreme weather events, conflicts and economic problems are on the rise.

People are able to adapt to various difficult physical and mental conditions, although in each case, those with resistance to stress will have a greater ability than others to recover and even progress.
Mindfulness meditation promotes resistance to stress through a positive impact on specific psychobehavioral domains, brain activity, stress response, and posttraumatic growth and development.

Resilient individuals are not just “lucky cases.” Those who possess resilience possess certain qualities that can be identified and learned, and among them are self-esteem, emotional regulation, and mental flexibility.

Since most people are not able to recognize their triggers in stressful situations, this eight-week program will help you learn how to recognize them, control them and thus react adequately. The development of effective stress management strategies contributes to both the individual and his or her wider environment, including family, friends, and co-workers.


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Until you accept responsibility for the role you play in creating stress, the level of stress will be out of your control.

At the moment, our world is full of uncertainty and unexpected changes. Still, one thing is for sure – Blue Coach is here for you. We encourage you to find places for understanding and kindness to yourself and others in this time of crisis. We encourage you to start your Mindfulness practice. Exhale worries, breathe peace!

What does this training offer?

Mindfulness meditation is an eight-week training that offers you the opportunity to deepen your mindfulness skills and enrich your emotional life. We have taken into account the latest scientific research in neuroscience with an in-depth analysis of mindfulness skills. The sessions will guide you through different approaches to alleviating the intensity of strong emotions, mental and physical sensations and explaining how to gain insight and balance during the experience that is happening to you.

During social distance and self-isolation, most of us find more free time and insecurity in front of us. Coronavirus significantly affects our lives and challenges our ability to adapt and resist stress. Therefore, we have never needed mindfulness practice, and its benefits have never been more tangible.

Why Mindfulness Meditation?

Many neuroscience studies have shown that Mindfulness meditation can help us regulate our own thoughts and emotions, so that we can focus our attention on the present moment and other people. This practice has a wide range of benefits for both the mind and the body. Some of them are:

  • improved concentration
  • memory and cognitive abilities
  • reduced levels of stress and anxiety
  • greater connection with the body
  • better reading of the signals it sends us
  • better acceptance of disturbing thoughts and emotions, as well as liberation from them
  • increased creativity and productivity
  • a general sense of well-being

If you want to find out more about this training or you want to apply write to us at info@bluecoach.me, call +382 (0) 20 671 222 or fill the application form below.

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