Inspiring conversations: From Mission to Mindset – Microsoft’s story of culture transformation

An invitation to Change Your Mind. HR’s role in establishing a New Way of thinking that will drive business success.

When adults embrace learning, growing, and even failure, amazing things can happen. In this month’s webinar, Srđan Vukčević is joined by Rebecca Winter, 20 year veteran of Microsoft to discuss transforming company culture.

Date: Thursday, 27th of August
Time: 2 PM, CEST
Venue: Zoom cloud meeting

*Webinar will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Montenegrin.

Srđan Vukčević, CEO, Executive coach
Rebecca Winter, Global HR Director – Talent Management, Microsoft Consulting Services

“Without a doubt, HR has a huge role to play at Microsoft and it’s really exciting. The impact that we, as HR, are asked to have is enormous. Our CEO, Satya Nadella, readily acknowledges the role of HR and the essential part we have to play in the company’s success. I feel like there has never been a more exciting time for us in HR.” – Rebecca Winter.

From Mission to Mindset—the Microsoft story of Culture Transformation – This discussion covers the incredible story of Microsoft’s Culture transformation and the conviction of a CEO that the company would only achieve its mission if they actually sought to transform the culture and then work constantly to close the gap between that Aspire-to-Culture and Employee’s lived experience.

Over the last 5-6 years, Satya Nadella has overseen a true revolution that has resulted in a complete overhaul of their business model while maintaining and beating the streets expectations each quarter. According to him and many others – this would not have been possible if he did not first seek to transform the culture.

Organizational culture evolution is a challenge. Even for one of the most valuable and resource rich companies in the world. Culture dictates everything – your product portfolio, the way you engage with customers, the way Employees engage with each other, as well as how a company carries out its processes. The scope of such an effort – if it is to be successful – cannot be underestimated.

CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella professed that his company needed to become a company of “learn-it-alls,” not know-it-alls. People needed to see themselves, and the organization, as more fluid entities in order to achieve the agility that we’d need in the face of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Thus, the focus was on improving, not proving, themselves. The goal was to encourage employees to embrace a change in their mindset. If they are eager to learn and supported in ‘not knowing’ – they’d embrace risk, be willing to fail fast, and ultimately drive higher levels of innovation into the ecosystem.
Microsoft Consulting’s Director of Talent Management, Rebecca Winter, will talk about the Top 10 things that MSFT has learned about Culture and how you go about driving Transformation.

Stay tuned for the last 15 minutes where we open the floor for you to ask them all your burning questions. By the end of the webinar, you will understand more about:

  • The incredible story of Microsoft’s Culture transformation
  • What can other companies learn from Microsoft’s transformation?
  • The importance of basing a program of change in Neuroscience
  • How the organization is embedding growth mindset into their people processes
  • The criticality of Modeling and engaging every level of leader in the organization
  • The role Coaching can play in helping leaders to make Wise decisions in a VUCA environment

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