What are the most urgent questions that need to be answered by leaders today? Are we moving closer to emphatic and effective leadership?

Join us at our free webinar series: Inspiring conversations hosted by Srđan Vukčević with special guest Thomas Gelmi, to find out about the intersection of leadership effectiveness and interpersonal competence.

Date: Tuesday, 9th of June
Time: 6PM (CEST)
Venue: Zoom cloud meeting


– Srđan Vukčević, CEO, Executive coach
– Thomas Gelmi, Executive coach, expert in personal and interpersonal competence

Most successful executives today have a good intellectual understanding of the various management tools required to lead an organization successfully. Experience has shown that the same behaviors that contribute to initial career success often do not guarantee future leadership success.

Psychological model explain leadership as a social influence process in which leaders use interpersonal competences to motivate followers to contribute to group goals. On the other hand, organizational behavior or business models explain leadership with organizational functions such as strategy, structure and systems. This can create clash in theory and practice and can make it hard to find balance between effective and human side of leadership. If a company, team, country is about to survive and thrive do leaders need to be both, effective and human?

Leaders who are focused only on results usually forget about humility, humbleness, emotional intelligence, compassion and mindfulness which in long term can be detrimental to their effectiveness. These leaders are usually effective short term and they can be see as abrasive creating alienation in their teams. How important is interpersonal competence for your leadership career?

Leaders who are focused only on interpersonal relationships usually forget about strategy, holding others accountable for results, are unable to make tough decisions and say no. These leaders are creating great team atmosphere short term and also create absenteeism in their people due to the lack of structure, systems, vision and follow up. How important are these competencies for your leadership career?

Executive coaching can help you achieve positive, long-term, behavioral changes by applying an effective, time-based and measurable coaching process.

You will be able to observe effective conversation between two executive coaches. Stay tuned for the last 15 minutes where we open the floor for you to ask them all your burning questions.

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