Mindfulness intermediate

When we survey the landscape of our lives and reflect on the best and most difficult times, we are usually thinking about and experiencing emotion. Even if we don’t consider ourselves particularly emotional, the drama of joy and sorrow, love and anger, security and fear – is poignant for all of us.

The skill of emotional balance is vital not only for our own well-being, but for our efforts to share mindfulness practices with youth. How can we empathize with a child experiencing intense emotion if we do not have a vivid and mindful picture of our emotional life?

As you will see in this course – Mindfulness intermediate, there are tools and approaches that can be cultivated through our deliberate efforts that have tangible results, enhancing our capacity to regulate emotion and creating greater emotional freedom.

Our brains are wired for survival and have a natural tendency, or negativity bias, to focus on and be motivated by negative thought patterns like criticism, pain, and danger.


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This training helps you understand and transform these habitual responses, and develop the ability to motivate with compassion rather than self-criticism.

The science shows – and through our work we can see – that self-compassion has a significant positive impact on our well-being, resilience, and stress management.

Practicing self-compassion involves taking action and making positive changes in our lives, and through this process, we see educators reconnecting with their deep motivation and excitement for helping others.

Course Objectives

Through videos, readings, and exercises, this eight-week course offers an opportunity to deepen your mindfulness practice and enrich your emotional life, based on the latest scientific research on emotion. Each week covers a new topic as we guide you through different approaches to managing difficult emotion:

  • Week 1: Understanding Emotion & Practices to Soothe the Intensity of Feeling
  • Week 2: Emotion Regulation & Intimacy with Our Emotional Experience
  • Week 3: Worry, Anxiety & Mindfulness
  • Week 4: Skillfully Meeting Anger
  • Week 4: Strategies for Working with Difficult Emotions
  • Week 5: Self-criticism, Shame, & The Wisdom of Kindness
  • Week 6: How Views of Self Influence Our Emotional Life
  • Week 7: Discovering Your Compassionate Voice (Self-Criticism and Safety, Motivating with Compassion)
  • Week 8: The Art of Savoring and Self-Appreciation (Negativity Bias, Savoring and Gratitude, Gratitude for Small Things, Appreciating our Good Qualities, Core Values, Continuing the Practice and Next Steps)

Each session is facilitated by a Guiding Teacher who directs the learning process by synthesizing emerging themes, answering questions, and providing ongoing participant feedback.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the research supporting self-compassion
  • Learn and practice techniques to reduce fatigue
  • Respond to negative thought patterns with self-kindness
  • Utilize compassion as a motivation rather than self-criticism
  • Apply strategies to transform difficult relationships
  • Develop an open heart and resilience through self-appreciation
  • Integrate core practices into daily life

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