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June 10, 2020
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June 10, 2020 Srđan Vukčević

Participants of the webinar Inspiring Conversations: Effective and Human Leadership had the opportunity to learn more about the intersection of leadership effectiveness and interpersonal competence.

Webinar host Srđan Vukčević talked with special guest Thomas Gelmi talked about leaders who are focused only on results and usually forget about humility, humbleness, emotional intelligence, compassion and mindfulness which in long term can be detrimental to their effectiveness.


– Srđan Vukčević, CEO, Executive coach

– Thomas Gelmi, Executive coach, expert in personal and interpersonal competence

“We can only grow through self-reflection to a certain extent up to our blind spots.“ – Thomas Gelmi

“The ultimate measure of our leadership is the effectiveness of the team we lead.“ – Srđan Vukčević

These are some of the questions and topics covered by the webinar panelists:

  • How important is interpersonal competence for your leadership career?
  • What are the most urgent questions that need to be answered by leaders today?
  • Are we moving closer to emphatic and effective leadership?
  • How important is for leaders to communicate with different stakeholders regularly and with the right tone?
  • What are the pain points in the current leadership climate?
  • What do working people need right now?
  • What value are our clients getting through coaching?

If you missed the opportunity to be one of the participants, we have good news! Below, you can find access the full webinar recording. If you set aside 60 minutes, you can find out what today’s leaders need and what challenges they face.

View the recording here:

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