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Organizations that are honest and completely customer-focused are rare. The challenge is to find ways to connect the many internal organizational “gears” that allow customers to know they are at the center of a company’s existence. Therefore,  customer care & customer experience ensures customer’s long association with a brand and sre crucial for a successful businesses.

Customer care is a step beyond basic services because we create an emotional connection with customers. Customer care is the act of providing professional, useful, high-quality assistance before, during and after meeting customer requirements. In this way we show real customer care. We need to listen to their needs, answer their questions and offer the right solution. Customer care is more ancillary management, where procedures are quite important in encouraging a response to your client’s needs and finding methods that support the achievement of commercial goals.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates

Customer Care & Customer Experience Learning methodology: Learning through experience – an interactive approach to training. Using world examples for customer experience. The theory is immediately applicable in practice, through obtaining feedback. With the help of the most modern methods, we will make the adoption of new logic of customer care remembered and used.


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Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to design a high quality service
  • Respond to customer requests
  • Find out how professional service drives revenue and profit
  • Learn how to create an organization centered on clients and employees
  • Emotional connection with clients
  • Expanding the client network
  • Learn how to build customer loyalty
  • Learn how to build long-term relationships with your clients

Customer Care & Customer Experience training benefits:

  • Focus on business niches and manage to meet customer needs in a variety of ways
  • Analyze the system of employee motivation
  • Focus on employee satisfaction, which the company believes will contribute to the creation of loyal customers through a virtuoso cycle
  • Build long-term relationships with clients
  • Motivate employees through shared values ​​and culture
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Prompt responses to complaints
  • Increasing sales results
  • Customer loyalty

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