In our busy lives it’s easy to lose connection. Building relationships is highly important in our professional as well as in our private life. In addition to primary physiological needs, social relationships may be the strongest factor associated with human health and well-being. However, sustaining a happy and healthy relationship is not always an easy task, that’s why it is important to learn about relationships and work on their improvement.

On this free webinar you will see live conversation between friends and colleagues Srđan Vukčević and Miriam Torres Brinkmann about importance of happy and healthy relationships.

Date: Wednesday, 22nd of July
Time: 8PM, CEST (11AM, PST)
Venue: Zoom cloud meeting


Srđan Vukčević, Executive Coach and Mindfulness Teacher
Miriam Torres Brinkmann, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationships Coach

Relationships are the defining feature of being human.

With such a centrality of relationships in forming our evolutionary history and in forming our very identity—individually and as a human species—it might not surprise you to hear (or be reminded) that of all the factors in human life that predict the best positive outcomes, supportive relationships are number one. These research-proven findings also include how long we live, the health of our bodies, the well-being of our minds, and the happiness we experience in life.

Relationships are the most important part of our having well-being in being human. It’s that simple. And it’s that important. But there’s another aspect of relationships that is also clear from recent science: The more we connect with others and embrace the reality of our interconnected nature, the more we’ll live with meaning, compassion, equanimity, and purpose. Without a doubt, good communication, or free communication, within or between people is always therapeutic.

Our speakers will also discuss about psychological safety, as it’s exactly what you need for a good relationship, not only with coworkers, but with partner, family and friends.

You will learn the importance of building and sustaining healthy relationships, how to communicate effectively with others, how to deal with conflict, how to have meaningful conversations. And also you’ll learn how to work with your family and especially, your spouse… Stay tuned for the last 15 minutes where we open the floor for you to ask them all your burning questions.

Questions we’ll answer during the webinar:

  • Communication, is it really the problem?
  • Decision making – bilateral, unilateral or multilateral
  • The masters and the disasters
  • Psychological safety
  • Positive Psychology in the relationship
  • Benefits for health and productivity of a healthy happy romantic relationship
  • Parallels between the two worlds, relationships at work and relationships in personal life
  • How Mindfulness can help you improve and strengthen relationships

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