Team Discovery Program

The Team Discovery Program proposes a different approach which starts with identifying the key elements for understanding the way a team works: informal roles of the team members, dysfunctional behaviors at team level in stressful situations and also identifying the common anchor values of the team members with the purpose of increasing the understanding of interpersonal relations, own and coleagues work styles, what each member brings to the team and the causes of conflicts within the team.

Program Objectives

At individual level:
• Gain self-awareness about behaviors and values that impact own reputation at work
• Understand own informal role and the personal impact in the team
• Design an individual Personal Development Plan, focusing on behaviors that should be stopped, continued or developed

At team level (optional)
• Understand how other colleagues behave and why, get insights about strategies of how to cope with others who have a different style
• Gain awareness about team functioning (team strengths, derailments and shared values)
• Team alignment and action planning: get commitment about what behaviors and values should be shared and reinforced at team level, developed or stopped, in order to be more efficient


• Individual reports
• Individual Development Feedback Sessions
• Individual personal development plans (3 directions: start, stop and continue)
• Team report
• Team action plan
• Training customized to the assessment results of individual team members
• Improved interpersonal Communication within the team
• Higher tolerance to the everyday job challenges
• Long term effect of strategic self awareness through improved behaviour that influences ones reputation at work
• Leading teams
• Understanding the behaviour of others and managing behavioural derailers
• Delivering feedback and Accepting feedback




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