Srdjan Vukcevic Executive Coach

Srdjan Vukcevic

Father, experienced executive and business coach. Founder and ceo of Blue Coach. He enjoys working with competent leaders who are dedicated to learn and change in order to propel their business, career and life in ways they never thought possible.

Vesna Vukcevic HR Consultant

Vesna Vukcevic

Mom of two. Communicator, integrator and people lover. HR professional that is always on the bright side, upbeat and positive. She is here to help you learn more about HR with advice and techniques for the career help you need. Now.

Andjela Juskovic

Andjela Juskovic

Father is her biggest hero. Caring and lovely junior HR consultant. Behind her adorable smile there is a strong edge that makes her capable of making very tough decisions and grit to move it forward when things don’t go as planed.

Marija Scepovic

Marija Scepovic

Marija Scepovic is psychologist and external consultant in our education department. She is REBT counsellor within Institute Albert Ellis from New York, USA.


Miomir Stanisavic

Miomir Stanisavic is psychologist and intern in our education department. He strives to grow in his practice through various trainings. Able to give valuable insights and contributions in our education business.


Violeta Pavetic

Violeta Pavetic is intern in our research department.